Perfect for all skin types, this butter will literally melt into your skin! Fast absorbing and silky smooth texture ensures that dry, chapped skin will disappear.

Thanks to shea and cocoa butter, non-clogging coconut oil, and skin-regenerating helichrysum oil you can rest assured this body butter will do the job. Vitamin E oil, with its intensive moisturizing properties makes this butter that much more appealing. Use day or night, or both, and anywhere your skin needs some hydration! This butter works especially well on the face and neck.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Massage a small amount into skin. Wait a few minutes before dressing to allow butter to completely absorb into skin and avoid transferring.

**If redness or irritation occurs, discontinue use.**
**If pregnant or lactation, consult a physician before use.**

Shelf Life: 4 months from date of purchase

Vanilla Shea Body Butter

  • Ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, infused oils of rose petal and helicrysum, tapioca starch, Vitamin E oil and an essential oil blend. Net weight: 2 ounces