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Cathy Hoffman - Hoagland, Indiana

I have used these products for awhile. Each one I've tried, has been outstanding!! I especially like the eye butter, brown sugar scrub, and the lime coconut scrub. I can attest to the quality and the "love" that has gone into every detail. I often give the baby lotions, soaps, massage oils etc as baby shower gifts. And.... what a wonderful way to welcome a new bundle of joy!!



Ashley DuBry - Rockford, Ohio

Thank goodness for The Organic Mom and their homemade organic products. I will never go back to conventional, store bought products again. Over the years, I've been slowly changing our household to include products with more natural and organic ingredients. Why put toxins and chemicals all over our skin, when we all have access to a company such as The Organic Mom?! I know the exact ingredients that are in these products, and I know that they are not harming my skin or body in any way. Not to mention, knowing that I can contact the brains behind these products with any questions I have is so comforting. I've been using The Organic Mom's body butters, Tinley's Salve, lip balm, and other's for quite some time now and I absolutely love what they do for my skin. Tinley's Salve on my face and arms has helped with dry skin as well as heal up my facial acne. I even applied it to some cuts that my husband got on his back while working and they healed in no time. I'm having my first baby this spring and I want the best for his new and beautiful baby skin! I have Tinley's Salve, Tinley's Creamy Oil & Tinley's Baby Powder packed in his diaper bag for the hospital! I can't wait to use the items. I love a natural approach to healing and for general use overall. I am very thankful that I have a source to get all of my products from that are organic! Jenny and Deidre are amazing at what they do. You won't be sorry that you've tried these products and you'll be hooked instantly!